The smallest HOFFRICHTER with a sophisticated design and new technical refinements impresses not only with its fresh appearances but also more importantly with its inner merits.

Stable therapy pressure at very low noise levels ensures safe and pleasant use. High power reserves, a newly revised FlexLine mode, and the optimized one-click humidification technology set new standards in this device class.

Power packs provide optional independent electric supply and provide users with unique freedom in this way.

The benefits to you

  • Quieter, more dynamic
  • Ease of operation and use
  • Physiological FlexLine characteristics
  • FlexLine is adjustable at three levels for inspiration and expiration
  • Volume display
  • Automatic zero point correction
  • Operation by battery independent of mains power possible
  • Optional data storage

point 2 is available as

  • point 2 CPAP
  • point 2 AutoCPAP
  • point 2 BILEVEL S20
  • point 2 BILEVEL ST20
  • point 2 BILEVEL ST25