The TRENDVent was developed for pressure-controlled home ventilation and respiratory therapy for adults and children who are not yet fully dependent on mechanical ventilation.  Six ventilation modes enable individual adjustment of the therapy to the patient’s needs starting at a breathing volume of 50 ml.

If the device is used with a single-hose system with external exhalation valve, the ventilation can be invasive (such as with a tracheotomy) or non-invasive (with a breathing mask). When using a single-hose system without valve, the ventilation can only be non-invasive using a mask with exhalation valve.

A clear user interface with simple operation ensures comfortable use with a high degree of safety at home and in the clinic.

The benefits to you

  • Invasive and non-invasive ventilation for adults and children
  • Pressure mode with optional volume safeguard
  • Hose system for leakage and valve ventilation
  • Unique operation, clear menu structure
  • Up to three ventilation sets
  • Battery and main power operation
  • Extremely low operating noise