Product highlights

HOFFRICHTER CARAT II pro - Clear operating structure | Versatile

User and patient-friendly ventilation system

The large, clear color display comfortably takes the user through the different ventilation modes and their adaptation to the patient’s needs. The powerful performance-optimized fan offers high flow capacity even at maximum treatment pressure and is notable for its exceptionally low operating noise for this class of device. That means nothing is left to be desired for home use. The internal high-performance batteries offer energy reserves for transport within or outside clinics, stays outdoors, or to bridge failures of the electrical power supply. This system is always the safe choice, whether it is a single or double-hose system, HOFFRICHTER CARAT I pro or HOFFRICHTER CARAT II pro, for invasive or non-invasive ventilation.

Intuitive user interface

  • Apps & tabs
  • Touchscreen
  • Plug & play
  • Clear user menu with just a few levels

Simultaneous parameter setting and evaluation

  • A single menu for the configuration of parameters and alarms
  • Storage possibility for multiple parameters and alarm sets
  • Through real-time measurement during configuration of parameters and alarms, the effects of changes to the settings can be seen immediately

Individual monitoring set

  • Freely configurable monitoring allows the display of individually selected, relevant measurements, curves, and loops
  • P/V and V/V loops are the best information base for quick decisions about necessary measures and adjustments to treatment

Improved technology

  • SMART function supports spontaneous respiration immediately after inspiration and distinguishes intelligently between patient actions and artifacts
  • Night screen with three different display options
  • An O2 valve prevents the device from accidental flooding with oxygen, which prevents an unpleasant oxygen shock for the patient when opening the O2 input before ventilation