SERVOX electrolarynx

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SERVOX digital

With the SERVOX® digital electrolarynx / speech aid it is possible to speak immediately after surgery. It is very easy to learn and especially suited for noisy environments and stressful situations.

High Voice and Sound Quality
Individual sound characteristics of your electrolarynx are possible with the help of two different sound caps.

Functional Hip Bag
The dark blue hip bag is especially designed for the SERVOX® digital and can be adjusted to different sizes. A separate compartment makes it easy to carry a replacement battery safely.

Oral Adapter
In certain situations, for example after surgery or during radiation treatment, it is not possible to place the speech aid at the throat. For these situations the oral adapter that is attached to the sound cap of the SERVOX® digital can be used.

Optical Battery Control
A flashing red light on the SERVOX®digital indicates that the battery is low and requires charging. An elaborate energy management system extends the battery life and prevents deep discharge.

Processor-Controlled Battery Charger
The intelligent charging technology ensures simple, safe and rapid recharging of the SERVOX battery. The battery can be left in the SERVOX® digital during charging. A replacement battery can be charged at the same time.

More Individuality
The digital electronic can be connected to a PC with an USB cable and is available as an accessory. In addition to the basic manual settings the prosody, frequency and volume can be set and stored with the SERVOX® digital Software. This enables professionals to file different settings for each patient.

Supply Contents of the SERVOX®digital-Set

  • SERVOX® digital Speech Aid
  • LA 2.40 charger
  • 2 NiMH batteries
  • Hip bag
  • Safety cord with cord protector
  • Oral adapter
  • 2 sound caps
  • Instructions for use