SERVOX accessories

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Cannula cleaning and care


SERVOX Stoma-Clean

  • Cleaning towelettes to gently clean skin from secretion, dirt and adhesive
  • For skin care around the tracheostoma
  • Moisturizes and calms the skin
  • Dermatologically tested, pH neutral
  • Cleaning fleece made of 100 % Rayon
  • Available in a practical dispenser with 60 Stoma-Clean wipes for single use or as
    a travel set with 10 individually clean packaged wipes

Tracheostomy tube holder


SERVOX Tracheo Tape

  • Elastic and individually adjustable
  • Suitable for neck sizes between 23 – 43 cm
  • Wide plastic hook fastener
  • One-piece
  • White or skin-coloured

Cannula accessories


SERVOX 22/15 Adapter

  • Compatible with all standard tracheostoma products with 15 mm diameter
  • Reduces a 22 mm connection to a 15 mm standard connector
  • Unobtrusive and comfortable medical aid
  • Made of sturdy plastic material
  • For long-term use
  • Compact design and transparent colour

Artificial noses


SERVOX Tracheo Nose F

  • Effective fine-pored foam filter
  • Ensures moistening, heating and filtration of the inhaled air for spontaneously breathing
    and tracheotomized patients
  • Can be attached to all tracheostomy tubes which possess a 15 mm standard connector
  • With 5 mm connector for additional oxygen application
  • Tidal volume from 50 to 1.000 ml
  • For single use
  • Individual sterile packing

Tracheal compresses


SERVOX Tracheal Compress

  • A single layer of soft, lint-free and highly absorbent material
  • Can be used as a light pad
  • Protects clothing reliably
  • Also available with slit for easy change of compress in-between
  • Colour: white
  • Size: 90 x 100 mm

Tracheostoma protection

SERVOX Baseplate flex fit

  • Particularly thin and flexible
  • Strong hold even during physical activity
  • Specially developed shape for extra strong hold
  • Optimal adaptability even in low-lying and irregular


  • By applying gentle pressure to the speech button the opening is entirely sealed
  • Effective moistening and filtering of the inhaled air
  • Specially low profile design
  • Protects the foam from mucus and enables continuous and reliable functioning
  • Can be combined with all standard 22 mm attachments

SERVOX Larynx Protection Bibs

  • Protects the entire respiratory tract from drying out, dirt
    and the cold
  • Visual coverage
  • With diolene tulle filter
  • Suitable for different neck sizes from 35 to 45 cm
  • Available in different classic and modern colours