Our HomeCare products

Thanks to many years of experience in the field of care for chronically ill patients and those in need of care, Servona develops and produces medical technology of the highest quality. Products from the SERVOX, SERVOSAN, and SERVOCURA brands stand for quality and optimum functionality. Continuous development of products takes place in cooperation with physicians, research institutions, and patients.

“SERVO” stands for robust design, reliability, and functionality perfectly matched to patients’ needs and always on the cutting edge. We have combined our products in the following brand groups:

Tracheotomy & Larygectomy

SERVOX speech aid

Speech is possible immediately after the operation with SERVOX® digital. It is easy to learn to use and suitable for noisy environments and stressful situations.

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SERVOX tracheostoma valve

Our tracheostoma valves enable optimal and individual care for patients with a tracheotomy or laryngectomy.

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SERVOX tracheal cannulae

A large selection of tracheal cannulae are available for optimal care for patients with a tracheotomy or laryngectomy.

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SERVOX accessories

For over 60 years, SERVOX has stood for the development and production of high-quality and innovative medical products for patients with a tracheotomy or laryngectomy.

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Enteral nutrition

SERVOSAN feeding pump

SERVOSAN is the brand name for products developed for the treatment of illness-related malnutrition. The product range includes application technology as well as feeding pumps.




SERVOSAN nutrition

Servona places special emphasis on quality as well as good tolerability when it comes to our fully balanced enteral tube nutrition.




SERVOSAN accessories

Our SERVOSAN accessories include transfer systems, retention sets, bandages, and many other products.



Incontinence care


SERVOCURA balloon catheters

The SERVOCURA product range includes a wide selection of products for efferent incontinence. Our balloon catheter directs urine directly into the appropriate bag.

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SERVOCURA urine bag

The urine leg and bed bags with backstop are available in various sizes and thereby enable needs-based, personalized patient care.

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SERVOCURA accessories

Servona guarantees every patient a reliable product of the highest quality suited to their needs. Our accessories include urine drainage systems and much more.

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