What is a laryngectomy?

A laryngectomy is the complete surgical removal of the larynx. The trachea below the larynx is opened, which creates a tracheostoma. After a complete laryngectomy, the patient looses vocal function and a prosthetic voice must be used.

Reasons for a laryngectomy

The main reason for removal of the larynx is a tumor in the larynx. In Germany, around 3,200 patients annually suffer from larynx cancer; a total of about 20,000 patients have undergone a laryngectomy. After a laryngectomy, patients may recover their vocal abilities through the following methods:

  • Esophageal speech (sometimes known as “burping speech”)
  • Shunt valve implants between the esophagus and trachea
  • Electronic speech aids

Ventilation with Servona

There are a wide range of medical technologies and accessories available for optimal care of patients with a tracheotomy or laryngectomy. Servona care professions can rely on many years of successful experience, especially in the care, support and training of patients with a tracheotomy or laryngectomy. They offer consultation in close cooperation with the responsible physician and are on hand to assist the patient in the focused selection of individual aids.

We offer products in the following areas

  • Tracheal cannulae and cannulae accessories
  • Shunt valves
  • Artificial noses
  • HME systems
  • Water therapy device
  • Tracheostoma safety products
  • Technical medical devices for extraction, inhalation, and air humidification
  • Electronic speech aids
  • Voice amplifiers
  • Emergency products