Pulmonary fibrosis - Symptoms

What are symptoms of pulmonary fibrosis?

Initially the symptoms are rather unspecific, they become clearer only later. Physical strength decreases, everyday work becomes increasingly difficult for the patient. Finally, shortness of breath occurs without any workload. Due to the thickened wall of the pulmonary alveoli, the oxygen needs more and more time to reach the blood. As a result the content in blood drops and the body attempts to compensate this through an increased respiratory rate. Long-term dry cough can also indicate pulmonary fibrosis. Symptoms in advanced pulmonary fibrosis:

  • Blue coloration of the skin (cyanosis) through oxygen deficiency
  • Thickening of fingertips (drumstick fingers)
  • Curvature of the fingernails (hourglass nails)

All symptoms may also occur with other lung or heart diseases.