Larynx cancer - Symptoms

What are the symptoms of larynx cancer?

At the beginning the tumor often shows no symptoms.  Depending on the larynx area in which the cancer has developed, this can remain like this for a longer time. The most common form of larynx cancers - the glottic tumor - mostly shows symptoms pretty early.  A typical early sign of vocal folds cancer is hoarseness. With tumors above the vocal folds level, a feeling of a foreign body or unspecific throat pain occurs. Difficulties in swallowing and problems with breathing often occur in later stages. 

Most of the time, there is a harmless cause behind the complaints. This can be a pharynx or larynx inflammation for example. But it is better to consult an HNO doctor, if symptoms persist for more than two weeks. This applies especially if you smoke and drink a lot of alcohol.