Larynx cancer


Larynx cancer (larynx carcinoma) is a malign formation on the larynx. It is one of the most common tumor diseases of the neck in Germany. Men are affected more frequently by this disease. Read more.


Frequent tobacco and alcohol consumption are the worst risk factors for a malign tumor of the larynx. If both are present, the risk increases further. Read more.


At the beginning the tumor often shows no symptoms. Depending on the larynx area in which the cancer has developed, this can remain like this for a longer time. Read more.


If there is a suspicion that you have larynx cancer, the doctor will carry out a laryngoscopy. A doctor exams the larynx with a mirror. Read more.

Treatment & therapy

After detailed examination of the tumor under anesthesia, the treatment options are decided.  The following options are available. Read more.

Prevention & prognosis

As with lung cancer, smoking is the number one risk factor for larynx cancer. The longtime consumption of tobacco increases the risk for both cancer diseases. Read more.