Diverticulitis - Diagnosis

How is Diverticulitis diagnosed?

Pain in the lower abdomen, especially associated with fever: This clearly indicates a diverticulitis. Especially if you have already been diagnosed with diverticula.  The physician will want to know since when you have been experiencing pain, where and when it is strongest and whether you have experienced similar symptoms before. All the other symptoms can be important as well (e.g. pain during urination). Step by step diagnosis:

  • The physician can palpate partially grown diverticula as a kind of “roll” in the left lower abdomen.
  • The detected diverticula are painful when they are pressed.
  • The anus is checked by means of a digital-rectal exam.
  • A blood test often indicates increased inflammation signs (blood sedimentation speed, CRP, leukocytes)
  • An exact evaluation can be carried out through imaging procedures (ultra sound, CT, MRI)
  • An X-ray image can show the air in the abdominal space under the diaphragm.  This is the case when inflammatory diverticula have ruptured the bowel wall and protrude.