In diverticulitis, the bulges of the intestinal wall (diverticula) are inflamed. Sometimes the inflammation is limited to the area of the diverticula, but it can also extend over the intestinal wall. Read more.


The disease occurs in persons with bulges in the intestinal wall (diverticula). If several diverticula are located next to each other, physicians call this diverticula disease or diverticulitis. Read more.


Since diverticulitis has similar symptoms to appendicitis - on the left side only - it is also known by the following symptoms. Read more.


Pain in the lower abdomen, especially associated with fever: This clearly indicates a diverticulitis. Especially if you have already been diagnosed with diverticula. Read more.

Treatment & therapy

The treatment depends on the stage of the disease. In mild cases, surgery may not be necessary. If you suffer from complications, surgery is often unavoidable. Read more.

Prevention & prognosis

A diverticulitis can only occur, if there are diverticula present. Therefore, the prevention of the formation of diverticula is the best prophylaxis. Read more.