Cystic fibrosis - Treatment & therapy

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Treatment & therapy of cystic fibrosis

Because the cause, the genetic defect, can’t be remedied, mucoviscidosis is incurable. A number of measures - medication, physiotherapy and nutritional counseling - can alleviate many complaints and reduce the risk of complications. Important is an early onset of treatment before organ damage occurs. This can thus be delayed. The central treatment goal is the removal of the thick mucus from the organs.
Methods for the treatment of the respiratory tract with mucoviscidosis

  • Respiratory therapy / gymnastics
  • Inhalation of mucous expectorants
  • Tapping massages (loosen mucus)
  • Bronchial dilating drugs
  • Oxygenation in case of dyspnea
  • Antibiotics for bacterial infections
  • In case of severe lung damage: organ transplant

The function of the pancreas is frequently decreased in mucoviscidosis. There are no enzymes needed to extract vital fat-soluble vitamins (A, D, E, K) from food. The deficiency can be balanced with vitamin preparations. The same is true for the salt deficit, since much salt is lost through sweat.

There are drugs available that act directly on the damaged chloride channel and thus can correct the derailment of the salt and water balance. The preparation works only for patients with a certain genetic defect.