Crohn's disease - Prevention & prognosis

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How can Crohn's disease be prevented?


Targeted prevention is not possible because not enough is known about the development of Crohn's disease. Some measures can nevertheless reduce the risk:

  • Balanced diet
  • Regular sport activities
  • Drinking enough liquids
  • Little alcohol
  • Refrain from cigarettes
  • Regular check-ups (regular colonoscopy from 50 years of age)
  • Normalize overweight
  • Sufficient sleep
  • Avoid excessive stress
  • Regular relaxation


Crohn's disease is incurable, but a consistent therapy allows you to live a largely normal life. Ideally, one can wait years between phases of the illness and in the meantime not feel ill. Observe yourself carefully after the diagnosis and go to the doctor if your condition worsens. Frequent illness phases can be avoided at an early stage.

Take the above-mentioned behaviors to heart, regardless of whether preventive or when you are ill. Regular follow-up examinations are important, as Morbus Crohn patients have a slightly increased risk of colon cancer.  However, with optimal treatment life expectancy is not reduced.