Crohn's disease - Causes

What are the causes of Crohn's disease?

The exact cause is still unknown. However, researchers were able to identify some factors which favor the disease. The occurrence in some families suggests a genetic predisposition. If a close relative of you is affected by Crohn's disease, your own risk is increased tenfold.

Researchers have identified various defective genes in Crohn's disease patients. The so-called NOD2 / CARD 15 gene seems to be the most important. It is responsible for certain components of immune cells in the intestine. Presumably, the cells can no longer fully ensure the defense against pathogens and there is an overreaction of the immune system. Presumably this mechanism is responsible for Crohn's disease.

Some studies also suggest the involvement of environmental factors. Crohn's disease is much more common in industrialized countries than in poorer countries. While the psyche has no influence on the development of the disease, smoking is considered to promote the disease. However, the psychological suffering from the consequences of Crohn's disease can in turn intensify the progression of the disease.  Many people affected by it suffer from depression. According to today's knowledge, an unhealthy diet has no influence.