COPD - Prevention & prognosis

How can COPD be prevented?


Giving up tobacco is the most efficient prevention measure against COPD and further lung diseases.  Even if the disease has already occurred, you can control the further progress by giving up smoking. Your life expectancy increases dramatically! At the stage of chronic bronchitis (without the contraction of airways) the disease can even be healed!

Already within a few hours of the last cigarette, the lungs start recovering. After two weeks, the first signs of regeneration become visible.  Your lung capacity has then increased by 30 percent already.  Blood circulation improves significantly as well. However, lung tissue lost because of COPD cannot be recovered.  Medicine can however reduce the symptoms. 


There is no one single COPD. Various symptoms lead to a complete disease pattern, which is why the prognosis may strongly vary . In any case: Suitable therapy and giving up smoking have beneficial effects on the progress of the disease!  Chronic bronchitis is often curable after giving up smoking.  But also COPD can be relieved significantly by giving up smoking. If COPD is associated with lung emphysema, the prognosis is not favorable. In this case the heart can also suffer.