Cardiac failure - Prevention & prognosis

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How can cardiac failure be prevented?


In order to prevent heart weakness you should minimize the risk factors. In this way, you can prevent the frequently triggering coronary heart disease (CHD). This includes mostly:

  • Giving up nicotine
  • Sports and physical exercise
  • Heart-healthy diet (less fat, lots of fruits, vegetables and wholemeal products)
  • Little alcohol
  • Obesity (adipositas) should be reduced
  • Consistent medication administration


Heart failure is incurable.  Symptoms can only very rarely be reduced to such extent that a completely normal life is possible again. Each patient can however themselves affect the degree to which the disease affects his or her life. Changes to lifestyle and a conscious handling of the disease will create a good prognosis for you. 

Exact cooperation with the physician is also important. Consider the following aspects in this respect:

  • Take your medicine regularly (even if you do not have any symptoms)
  • Make regular visits to the family doctor for check-ups
  • Contact a doctor immediately if your condition worsens