ALS - Treatment & therapy

Treatment & therapy of ALS

In spite intensive research, no cure has yet been found for ALS. However the progress of the disease can be slowed down. The therapy is guided by the increasing effects on the mobility, which always lead to a complete paralysis. Only the medicine Riluzol could extend the survival of ALS patients by a few months. Through intensive research, e.g. with lithium (also known from psychiatry to be effective against  bipolar disorder) scientists want to extend the range of medicine against chronic nervous conditions. 

Regular physiotherapy is as important as medicine. Deficits of mobility can thereby be slowed down efficiently. Speech sessions should improve the speaking and swallowing and offer the patient  independence for as long as possible.  Swallowing problems can make eating significantly difficult and even trigger a malnutrition condition. Complaints of the respiratory muscles increase the risk of severe infections and can impede breathing.