Specialist retailers

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Servona GmbH has been a recognized manufacturer and well-known retailer for medical aids for many years.

As a specialist medical retailer, they deal with customers who rely on the quality of medical products for their daily care.

Being able to provide customers with thorough and comprehensive advice and being able to offer tailored solutions for each customer is what sets them apart as an expert partner. It is essential for them to be up to date on the most recent indications, product developments, and innovations on the market.

Our aim is to provide them with optimal support in their daily work with patients by supplying them with economical and high-quality products, as well as through our comprehensive consulting and training. Upon request, we can inform their sales staff about our new products or advise them on care packages for patients. As a manufacturer, we are in the position to not only supply quickly and flexibly, but also offer cannulae optimizations such as excess lengths for blockable cannuale.