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Servona acquires Zieger Group

The acquisition of the Zieger Group is an important growth driver for expansion of the business in the German health market
The Düsseldorf family company Droege International Group AG has strengthened its health division (approx. €100 mio. in sales) through the acquisition of the Zieger Group from Dortmund. The acquisition is still subject to approval in particular by the antitrust authorities. The Droege Group already holds the Troisdorf-based home-care service provider Servona GmbH, which is specialized in the manufacturing of medical technology. The acquisition of the Zieger Group (approx. €10 in sales), headquartered in Dortmund Medical Park, is an important growth driver for the expansion of the business in the German health market.

Expansion of market position

Servona is active throughout Germany as a complete provider of medical aids. A total of 300 employees ensure delivery of medical aids throughout Germany. A central warehouse and seven distribution centers ensure that products are available at all times. The acquisition of the Zieger Group, with several branches in the Dortmund metropolitan area, comes with the expansion of the company’s market position in the most populous state of North Rhine-Westphalia.

Additional care sector in the portfolio

Beyond the manufacturing of medical products, Servona stands for home care (outpatient care with medical aids), a modern care sector within the therapy sector. With orthopedic care, the core business of Zieger, the company has expanded its services with an additional care sector. The additional activities of the Zieger Group in the areas of rehabilitation, stoma, and home care complement Servona’s business areas. Dr. Karl Zieger who will continue to participate in management of the company in the future, feels assured of his decision: “Our decision in favor of this strong partnership with the Droege Group is pioneering. We can now do even better than before in offering our customers a compelling complete package.” Frank Tanski, Chief Representative of the Droege Group, also explains: “Servona will profit in the future from the excellent expertise of the Zieger Group in the area of orthopedic technology – and Zieger will gain access to Servona's excellent products. So both companies will continue to develop through this partnership. We will expand our home-care business considerably through further acquisitions in order to further increase our regional presence.”

About Droege International Group AG

Droege International Group (Advisory & Capital) is an independent consulting and investment firm that acts as an industrial holding company with a long-term investment horizon. As a specialist for corporate value increases through profitability increases, restructuring of balance sheets, and implementation of growth strategies, the completely family-owned company has positioned itself successfully in the market, both nationally and internationally. Droege International Group AG is equity financed. Along with its subsidiaries, the Group has been a reliable partner and problem solver for international medium-sized businesses for over 25 years. Portfolio companies are developed further through buy-and-build strategies and form the basis for the sustainable growth of the Droege Group.

About Zieger Group

The Zieger Group is a long-established heritage company, founded in 1928 under the name Neuhaus & Zieger, with several branch offices in Dortmund and Lünen. Since 1999, the headquarters of the company has been located in the Medical Park Dortmund with the central office and the central orthopedic workshop. The Group distinguishes itself through its strong core business in the area of orthopedic technology, prostheses, and orthotics, which is complemented by rehabilitation technology, stoma care, and other home-care activities, as well as its classic medical-supply business. Dr. Karl Zieger, the former co-owner, will continue to participate in the management of the company. Dr. Karl Zieger has his own patent for a “lower-leg and foot brace and its manufacturing process.” It is an orthotic technology that plays an important role in the treatment of severe concomitant diseases in patients with diabetes.