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Servona GmbH

The Servona GmbH - based in Germany - is a manufacturer and a distributor of high quality medical devices with more than 60 years of experience.Medical devices and products are developed in close collaboration with medical professionals focused on patient’s needs and anticipating the  market demands.

Servona offers full range medical equipment and services for chronic diseases and critical ill patients in the categories:

  • SERVOX - Tracheostomy | Laryngectomy
  • SERVOSAN - Enteral Nutrition
  • SERVOCURA - Continence Care 

As the inventor of the first speech aid the company developed the SERVOX digital the leading product worldwide. Additionally, a wide range of tracheostomy and laryngectomy tubes, suction units, inhalers and further consumable articles is provided. The brand name SERVOX is worldwide known as a synonym for high quality and innovative products for laryngectomised and tracheotomised patients.

With SERVOSAN - Enteral Nutrition a complete and balanced enteral nutrition for long-term nutrition of patients is available - a range of SERVOSAN transfer systems and pumps. 

Servocura - Continence Care satisfies all needs in incontinence care. 

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by Servona GmbH, Troisdorf 11/2008

by Servona GmbH, Troisdorf 11/2008